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These Are The People Who Saw BABYMETAL Last Night

Last night, we went and saw what the fuss about Babymetal was all about. We were stunned to see New York's 3,500 seat Hammerstein Ballroom at nearly sell-out capacity with fans singing along and even moshing like crazy to the sounds of Babymetal. This show was unlike any metal show we've seen before. The musicians behind them were amazing and the choreography and show was a lot of fun. This was absolutely a metal show. Seriously, there was a wall of death:

As Roger Daltrey once said "I Can't Explain" #babymetal #wallofdeath?

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A video posted by Marc Schapiro (@schapnomore) on

Babymetal fans are rabid, and dedicated but who are they really? I was surprised to see a mixture of dudes, girls, young people, old people, fans of Japanese culture, and good old fashioned traditional metalheads. I decided to compile a bit of a photo essay to showcase the variety of fans in attendance:

Here's just a quick shot of the people around me while watching the band:

Babymetal Fans 01

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Babymetal Fans 02

One of many Iron Maiden shirts in the crowd:

Babymetal Fans 03

A most pit broke out almost instantly when the band started performing:

Babymetal Fans 04

Everybody was singing along, hands and cellphones in the air:

Babymetal Fans 05

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One of the guitarists had an amazing hot pink glittered guitar:

Babymetal Fans 06

This dude looks like an ordinary metalhead, except he's decked out in full Babymetal regalia, complete with Fox God mask:

Babymetal Fans 07

A crowd shot, looks like any other metal show:

Babymetal Fans 08

At this point the show was ending, so I took some photos of people leaving the venue:

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Spiky earrings and spiky purse, this woman came with her finest "metal" wears:

Babymetal Fans 09

Regular dude in an extra large Babymetal shirt:

Babymetal Fans 10

Metallica T-Shirt, Death hoodie, Babymetal fan:

Babymetal Fans 11

Asian Babymetal fan rocking a classic Metallica shirt:

Babymetal Fans 12

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This girl was teleported straight from the Sunset Strip:

Babymetal Fans 13

How big is Babymetal? There was a bootlegger making a killing selling $5 posters:

Babymetal Fans 14

Sick sideburns:

Babymetal Fans 15

Corporate Casual:

Babymetal Fans 16

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Famed mega producer Eyal Levi (not really):

Babymetal Fans 17

This dude:

Babymetal Fans 18

A quick look at their merch:

Babymetal Merch

So for all of you that always wondered Who would ever go see Babymetal?  Now you know EXACTLY who would see it!

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