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The Most Unique Looking Guitars At NAMM 2020

Posted by on February 5, 2020 at 4:18 pm

This was, I think, my 10th visit to the Anaheim Convention Center for the annual NAMM music instrumentation convention, and after 10 years, I can safely say I got the flow of the event down. As I have done many years in the past, I want to showcase the most unique looking guitars. This is a completely subjective gallery, that has nothing to do with the playing ability of the guitar, just the look.

My superficial picks include…

Danger! This unique lightning guitar.

An ESP Black Matte Sky Blue V – you can't go wrong.

Kiesel's semi-translucent guitar was a beauty

Not a guitar – but a Vinnie Paul snare from ddrum, lookin' sick

If Thanos turned his gauntlet into a guitar

Liquid guitars – the future!

Satchel's guitars just scream Sunset Blvd.

These pink and peach guitars can only be played by real men

The smooth bevel on these Ibanez basses is drool worthy

Sick matte finish on this Dean guitar

Kerry King's new Dean guitar

We've seen many a steampunk guitar, but this might be a standout.

The colorful design of a George Lynch ESP

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