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Just Some Photos of ANIMALS AS LEADERS with Adorable Animals

Posted by on March 19, 2014 at 2:07 pm

Did you know that Animal Planet show Too Cute! is now on Netflix? It's basically just cute shots of puppies and kitties where they create some silly plot as an excuse to show you shots of puppies and kitties. Well, I bet somebody at Rolling Stone must've been watching the show when they concoted the idea of taking animal-themed bands to a rescue shelter for a photo shoot.

Animals As Leaders, along with Pack of Wolves and Dog Trumpet headed to Austin Pets Alive!, part of the Austin no-kill program which "rescues pets that have been abandoned or prematurely placed on the euthanasia list." I think it was just an excuse to get metal guys with some adorable looking puppies. I MEAN look at these photos:

Animals as Leaders with Animals 2 Animals as Leaders with Animals 3

More photos in the Rolling Stone gallery.

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