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YouTube's New AI Tool Will Let Users Sing Like Their Favorite Artists, But Record Labels Are Hesitant

A sign of the challenges that lie ahead for the music industry.

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YouTube is developing an ambitious new AI tool, that will be capable of letting creators use the voices of famous recording artists in their videos. However, according to Billboard, the road to this technological marvel's beta version launch is paved with negotiation hurdles, potentially setting the precedent for the future of artificial intelligence in music.

Initially planned for a grand reveal at YouTube's Made On YouTube event in September, the AI tool is now awaiting the green light from major record labels, including Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group, to finalize licensing agreements for voice rights during its beta phase.

These labels, in recent months, have expressed enthusiasm for embracing AI as a means to enhance musical creativity. Still, they are treading carefully, conscious of projecting an image of progress without being seen as obstacles to innovation, having faced a similar dilemma during the transition from CDs to downloads.

One of the primary concerns in negotiations revolves around the AI model's training and artists' options to opt in or out. Another sticky point is monetization: should artists be compensated for their music used as input for the AI model or for the output created by the tool? Publishing rights, too, pose a significant challenge, given the multitude of songwriters potentially involved in a single project.

In an era where technology and music continue to intertwine, YouTube's upcoming AI tool is arguably poised to be a game-changer, and the music industry is scrambling to secure its seat at the table.

As the negotiations inch forward, the future of music in the age of AI hangs in the balance, with everyone eager to embrace the technology while ensuring that artists' and creators' rights are protected.

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