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Whoa, Check Out This Guitar DIMEBAG DARRELL Made For SCOTT IAN

When I saw the headline "DIMEBAG MADE SCOTT IAN A JEW GUITAR" on MetalSucks, and clicked on it, I was expecting a trolling, but… it's real! I've seen some killer guitars before, a cocaine guitar, a bong guitar and a machine gun guitar but this is a new level of awesomeness.

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Check out this sweet custom Washburn that Dime made the Anthrax guitarist, complete with a Star of David on the confederate flag design in tribute to Ian being one of the chosen people (birth name: Scott Ian Rosenfeld). Ian tweeted the photo with the message "Being in Dallas always reminds me of Darrell. He made me this years ago. 'Nuff said…" This is one of sweetest guitars I've ever seen. After the jump, check out the personally inscribed message Dime left for the Anthrax axe man:

Whoa, Check Out This Guitar DIMEBAG DARRELL Made For SCOTT IAN

It reads "To my Jewish Rebel Brother! Scott "Not" -Fuckin'- Ian… much love & respect from Uncle Drunkbag. Bottoms Up.

Somebody make me one plz!

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