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Video of Toddler in Maryland Deathfest Circle Pit Goes Viral!

The cutest death metal video you'll see today.

The cutest death metal video you'll see today.

Our photographer Rodrigo Terco schelped down to Baltimore this weekend for the annual Memorial Day celebration known as Maryland Deathfest. It's peak people watching and one person in particular caught Rodrigo's eye.

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During Atrophy's set, Rodrigo caught this amazing footage of a future metalhead being born. The young toddler was seen circlepitting with all the other members of the pit making way and letting the kid have fun. The video is awesome:

As of this writing, the video has over 300,000 views on our Facebook page and over 5,000 on our Instagram. This kid wouldn't stop. Here he is, jamming to Impaled Nazarene, falling, getting up and going back to pitting like a true metalhead:

For those worried, the kid was wearing earplugs the entire time. Atrophy were so pumped about the video, they posted a search on Facebook saying they wanted to send the kid merch (they eventually found him.)

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The moral of the story? The future of metal is bright and it's the kids! Get your kids into metal.

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