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Phew: Nergal Says BEHEMOTH Will "Eventually Come Back" For A "Spectacular" Album

It's not the end, just a break.

It's not the end, just a break.

For a second, we were getting worried about the future of Behemoth.Last September, frontman Nergal teased the band might call it quits and he began teasing solo material on his Instagram. Beyond that he's opened a bar and barber shop, so Nergal's pretty busy nowadays. So, would Behemoth be done?

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Not so fast. Turns out Nergal is speaking about the end of Behemoth's The Satanist tour cycle as more of a break or a hiatus then a full-on breakup.

In a recent interview with Full Metal Jackie, Nergal seemed to imply that the break would be healthy for the band to recharge their batteries and get new inspiration:

“Well, it’s all about the compression and just finding the right balance in mind. I mean I remember times and I remember them well because it wasn’t that far ago where I would just jump from one cycle to another crazy cycle. You know tour-album-tour-album. We were one of these bands and we just never stop.

What you are risking by never getting off of the tour bus and just going straight to the studio almost you’re risking that you’re gonna miss out your life and missing out your life is missing out opportunities collecting miss opportunities to actually live your life and eventually get inspired by what you see, what you touch, what you eat, what you know, so on and so on.

That’s why, I’m being pretty critical to bands that I listen to and I can hear that there’s not much variety in them. I’m all about diversity and when we deliver every next record I really must make sure that it’s a new chapter, something really refreshing, something redefining compared to what we’ve done before.

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So to me it just feels natural that a cycle is you just go as long as we can with The Satanist, just to reach its potential fully. And take time off take as much as we need to recover to get right perspective to get hungry again and then eventually come back and do another spectacular album.”

That makes perfect sense to us. The new album was pretty fucking stellar, so I don't mind the band taking their time with a follow up.

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