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OMG! There Is A MISERY SIGNALS Documentary Being Made!

I have never heard of director Marcus De Leon before, but he is a genius! From 2009 to 2011, he filmed my favorite metal band, Misery Signals, for an upcoming documentary called Controller: The Misery Signals Story. The film's trailer has been released, which you can view above, and the film will be released to festivals later this year. Theatrical, broadcast, and DVD releases are scheduled to follow, according to ThePRP. Fuck yes! Fuck yes! From the "official blurb":

“This feature documentary, filmed by director Marcus De Leon in 13 countries and coast-to-coast across the U.S. from 2009-2011, tells the story of five young men who gave up the normal things in life to live their dream… and become one of the greatest hardcore bands of all time. The film will be made available to festivals worldwide for Fall, 2012. Theatrical, broadcast and DVD distribution to follow.”

From the looks of the trailer, Devin Townsend, who produced two Misery Signals albums, will be featured in the documentary. I'm so excited to watch this. I was very disappointed when original vocalist Jesse Zaraska left the band, but then, Karl Schubach came along, and I knew, then, to never doubt this band's ability to fucking rule. I think I am going to wear my "These verses, my vengeance" t-shirt the rest of the week just to celebrate.

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