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Blake Judd Says NACHTMYSTIUM Is Not Over; New Album Coming Later This Year!

The metal blogosphere blew the fuck up yesterday when the Belgian festival "Metal Méan" posted on their Facebook that Nachtmystium had broken up. According to frontman Blake Judd, the band is not breaking up at all and will be releasing a new album at the end of this year. 

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In a response to us and the rest of the metal world, Blake wrote on his personal Facebook:

“Apparently, some metal news sites have reported today that Nachtmystium has either ‘broken up’ or is on ‘indefinite hiatus.’ Neither of these things are true,” Blake writes.

“The band has gone through some personnel changes in the last few months and I've made the decision to cancel all of our summer tour / festival plans while the band regroups. Instead of touring, we will be writing and recording our next full length album in the coming months, to be released on Century Media world wide sometime in late 2013.”

“Also, we have pulled our Facebook page off line to revise and update it (giving it a full over haul with new photos from the past and the present, scans of interviews from magazines throughout the bands 13 years of existence, etc.) I am also personally addressing the issues of orders that have been made to us in the last year where the item(s) purchased were not received, particularly the ‘Live Onslaught’ cassettes — which were to be manufactured via a company suggested to us by our manager at the time (who’s name I will be kind enough not to mention, as much as I’d like to) who took our money to have the cassettes made, claims to have sent the tapes to press and then for the following six months offered us story and after bullshit story of where these tapes were.

“Finally, after learning he had fucked over numerous other associates of mine, I realized we were never going to be getting our cassettes and that we’d been scammed by our own manager, at the expense of our fans, which in my opinion is the worst thing a musician could do to his / her fans. This piece of shit was immediately fired and I've advised any fellow musicians I’m in touch with to steer clear of this rat, as his actions have resulted in making us (specifically me) look like we’re cheating out fans, something I could never do and sleep at night with that on my conscience.

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“Considering this edition of 100 tapes sold out right away, we have 100 orders to refund which is going to cost me somewhere between $1200 – $1400 when each cassette and it’s shipping costs are refunded, not to mention countless hours of tediously digging through Paypal records. I fully intend on taking care of this as soon as a good sized payment due to Nachtmystium from one of the companies we work with has been received in the coming weeks. We have not publicly addressed or discussed this issue via our Facebook page or publicist because we wanted to wait until we knew we would have the funds confirmed and available to us to refund every last order that was made. If there are other items someone had purchased that were not received, those will be addressed and refunded in full as well assuming we don’t have the item(s) in stock and can fill the order.

So – again, on behalf of Nachtmystium, my sincere apologies to anyone who’s fallen victim of this shitty scenario and I 100% commit to take care of each and every one of you who may have fallen victim to this situation. For the last time and for the record, Nachtmystium has NOT disbanded and is only on a hiatus in regards to playing shows. Thanks.”

Looks like it was all hearsay.

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