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MOTLEY CRUE Releases Final Tour Sizzle Reel With New Song

Motley Crue Keeps On Motley Cruing

Motley Crue Keeps On Motley Cruing

Motley Crue have been getting some heat in the press lately for their less than stellar beginning to the final Motley tour ever, but I say fuck the neigh sayers! I was fortunate enough to watch the band live last year, and to my amazement I honestly thought it was one of the greatest live acts I had ever seen in my life. Copious amounts of lights, fire, blood, girls, roller coasting and booze is everything you’d want from a live show. Especially from the band that have partied themselves to death and back.

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Well the band just released a sizzle reel that shows you what you could expect from their final bash, along with their newest song All Good Things playing in the background.

Not bad eh? It's worth pointing out that one of the best parts of any Motley Crue set is seeing what kind of insane new set up Tommy Lee is working with, and holy shit has he outdone himself this time.

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