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IRON MAIDEN Tease New Album & Tour in 2015

Iron Maiden send one Christmas card, and every loses their shit.

Iron Maiden send one Christmas card, and every loses their shit.

Today, Iron Maiden sent the above Christmas card to their fan club members and that got everybody on the Maiden message board losing their shit with speculation.

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Obviously, their mascot Eddie is exiting a shack marked "studio" so it's easy to make the leap that perhaps Maiden is working on stuff. You'll also notice, if you peak inside the window, a drum set up and monitors – clearly the implication is that new music is being worked on.

Then, if you look on the lower left, it says UROTON 15, which some astute fans have pointed out is in anagram for 'On Tour 15' – but as Axl Rosenberg of MetalSucks points out could also mean 'No Tour 15' but why would Maiden do that to us!?

As for the ninjas on top of the roof, your guess is as good as mine. I'm assuming they took a break from recording and watched one of those 3 Ninjas movies and decided to throw two of 'em in the card.

What do you think? Will Maiden be putting out a new album next year?

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