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Here's Everything You Need To Know About The SIKTH Reunion

In a sudden turn of events, SikTh announced they would be reuniting for a show at Download 2014. What does it all mean? Will there be more? Will there be a new record? We have some answers!

So lets' take this in the order it happened, yeah? On the morning of Monday, Dec. 16, SikTh took to Facebook to make the follow brief announcement:

"SikTh. Download 2014. It's on."

Naturally the Internet collectively shit it's pants and the news spread like wildfire.

"YEAH WELL THIS CAME OUT YESTERDAY AND IT'S OLD NEWS," you're probably yelling at your screen right now. While you are correct, I was hoping I'd get the chance to wait on it and see what other details emerged about the reunion, so calm the fuck down. The band then took to Metal Hammer UK later in the day to talk about their influence on the scene:

“Well, I can’t lie, it makes you really proud! Even if you hear some bands that you’re not that into or can’t see the similarities say it, we’re all normal dudes, and it’s very humbling. A lot of bands have had a career and then they disappear and you never hear from them again, but the whole premise of SikTh when we started it was that we wanted to do something that was a little bit ahead of the pack and would stand up up in the future.”

And more importantly, what this means:

“Nothing yet. Nothing at all. We wanted to come back and do a really great gig and see how it goes. We’ve got new bands, we have obligations to our careers, but equally, we do want to make new SikTh music in the future at some point. This is a one-off gig for now, and then we’ll see how it goes…"

Guitarist and pianist Dan Weller then took to Twitter to speak some now deleted words, which were kindly archived by Heavy Blog Is Heavy. Weller said:

"We’ve always said that one day we would get SikTh back together and do another show and next year just feels like the right time to stop the talking and do it. To be honest we really miss playing those songs. Our fans have been so loyal so it’s time to give them something back. We played Download in 2003 and 2006 so it seemed the obvious place for us to make a return."

The whole thing is interesting, and while the band say the show is a one-off and they'll see how things go, I'm thinking they're going to be doing a little bit more than just that. I remember a while back the band said they wouldn't reunite unless they were going to do everything up proper, including a new album. Obviously things said in the past might not hold weight now, but it's worth mentioning. Also if anyone could dig that up I'll give you a free something or other.

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