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Gibson Made It Djent With An 18-String Guitar All The Way Back In 1993

Seriously though, what the fuck.

Seriously though, what the fuck.

People like to complain that 8 strings are too many strings or that X amount of frets is just useless at a point. Personally, I could give a shit less how many string you have as long as you're making good music… but what are you supposed to do with 18 strings essentially no fretboard?

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Gear Gods posted this weird Gibson guitar from 1993 and their best guess is that it's supposed to be used in a harp-like fashion. I really can't think of a better use than that either, because just look at that thing! You can't really play slide guitar on it because the strings are spaced really far apart, and you can't wear it around your neck because it'll probably hit the floor.

Maybe Gibson was attempting to make a loom or cheese grater with this thing?

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