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I was really bummed when I found out that one of the founding members of Cephalic Carnage, Zac Joe quit the band. He was definitely a driving creative force, as one of the primary song writers, and based on the sound of the new Cephalic record, Mislead by Certainty, I'm almost certain he had a lot to do with the quirkiness the band put out. Looks like Zac turned a negative into a positive, as he has announced the formation of a new band, Collapse. While no new music is currently publicly available, the band has recorded a four song demo and should release something soon. The band say their music is for "fans of progressive, intense, very heavy and creative metal and grind keep posted for a truly unique and insane experience." Dude, I love an insane experience! Sign me up.

Keep up with the band on their official Facebook and Myspace pages. They promise to put up music in the next few days.

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