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DYING FETUS Fan Asks For Ashes To Be Spread In Band's Moshpit, Band Obliges

May he rest in the pit.

May he rest in the pit.

I never expected to write a heartwarming story about a band with a name like Dying Fetus, but here we are. To be fair, I've met the dudes in the band and they couldn't be nicer people. So nice, in fact, that they obliged a fan named Nick who recently passed away. The fan's wishes where to have his ashes scattered in the pit during a performance by the band.

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The band took to Facebook to ask fans if they should do it…

Shortly after, they updated the post saying they did in fact do it. "We just scattered Nick's ashes in the pit for his favorite song, 'Homicidal Retribution,' may he RIP. Rest in the pit \m/"

Rest in the pit is my new favorite phrase. Kudos to Dying Fetus for being such awesome dudes, and again… such a heartwarming tale around a song called "Homicidal Retribution."

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Update: Behemoth and Taake also spread some of Nick's ashes in their pit.

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