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"It's actually fun, you know"

"It's actually fun, you know"

Babymetal has it's share of detractors. Sure, the girls might have been put toether by an idol factory but their backing band are legit metal dudes who crush. We've been saying for months how we think they are fun and harmless, but metal elitists still aren't having it.

Leave it to death metal legends Carcass to come to the aid of Babymetal. The two forces met at Sonisphere a few weeks ago and in a recent interview with Nuclear Blast TV, frontman Jeff Walker was asked what his highlight of the fest was and guess what he said?

"My highlight was getting my picture taken with Babymetal. [..] I'm starting to warm to the idea of what they're doing. It's actually fun, you know — like Ghost, to be honest. Some people get very reactionary about a band like Ghost or Babymetal. It puts a smile on people's faces. That's what music's about, isn't it?! Enjoying it and not being so serious."

He even had guitarist Bill Steer to back him up:

"I mean, obviously, we don't cover this ourselves, but the fun, entertainment angle [in music], it is important."

It's no shock to me that these dudes have a sense of humor, but I doubt there will be anything funny about their upcoming tour with Obituary, Massacre, Exhumed and Noisem. Get dates here.

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