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ANTHRAX Is The First Metal Band Blasted On Mars

The Curiosity Rover landed on Mars on August 6th and while its primary mission is to research the Martian planet, collect data and send it back to earth, its secondary mission is to rock the shit out of that planet and any god damn aliens it finds. The incredibly smart engineers and scientists that have built this thing are not only intelligent but also cool too. (In high school, these scientists probably never got called, "cool".)

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Every Mars morning, NASA researchers play a song to wake up the rover and believe it or not, someone in the crowd is a metal head. When asked about the playlist, numerous awesome songs were mentioned and much to our surprise, one of those songs is Anthrax’s “Got The Time”

Cue images of Scott Ian on Mars kicking alien ass. Was Scott Ian in the movie Mars Attacks? NO!?!? He should have been, he would have been way cooler than Ray J for sure. Oh well not the only time Hollywood has screwed up.

Below is the full list of tunes that the Mars Curiosity Rover has listened to. Got any suggestions for future tracks? Maybe some Gwar?

Beatles "Good Morning Good Morning"
Singing in the Rain. "Good morning, good morning"
Wagner "The ride of the valkyries"
Victory Song: Theme from "Mission Impossible"
Anthrax "Got the Time"
30 Seconds to Mars "Echelon"
The Doors  "Break on Through"
George Harrison "Got My Mind Set on You"
Simon and Garfunkel "Wake Up Little Susie"
Frank Sinatra "Come Fly with me"
Theme from Star Wars

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