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WEEKEND NACHOS Frontman Is Back With Some Crushing Hardcore Sludge

Ledge is a bone crusher of a band. Get in here for a Metal Injection premier of his new video!

Ledge is a bone crusher of a band. Get in here for a Metal Injection premier of his new video!

One of the most fucked up sludge bands in recent memory Ledge have been unleashing their unique brand of crunching doom for a few months now. This new project from John Hoffman, former singer of Weekend Nachos actually make a surprising amount of sense given the musical pedigree of the dude behind it. Devastating sludge with a hardcore and powerviolence aesthetic, it's easy to fall in love with the weird and twisted world of this band. John Hoffman has in his infinite creative potential crafted something utterly annihilating here and it's hard to deny yourself of the devastating bottom end that defines Ledge and the triumphant sense of destruction that decorates the twisted upward climb of "You Know Who You Are", the track featured in this latest video from the band. An exclusive premier just for Metal Injection readers, it's a video that really gets to the heart of just how terrifying Ledge is.

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John Hoffman said:

Working with Aaron Ross (director) was a blast. He's been my good friend for almost 20 years and one of the most talented/creative people I know. His idea for the narrative behind my lyrics immediately made sense to me so I completely let him do his thing. And he killed it! "YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE" is basically a song about suffering within society all your life, never recovering from it but continuing on with your numb existence. It's nothing groundbreaking but it's how I feel and I think Aaron's video does it the perfect amount of justice.

Watch it now:

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What the fuck do Weekend Nachos owe this world? Nothing but misery and pain. And certainly no apologies for those sentiments.