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AMON AMARTH Still Doesn't Have A Permanent Drummer

Though it enlisted Vomitory's drummer recently.

Though it enlisted Vomitory's drummer recently.

Amon Amarth is in a situation where it doesn't have a new drummer, which is weird considering the first single off its upcoming record Jomsviking noticeably has drums. I say "doesn't have a new drummer" too because the band has revealed that it legitimately doesn't have a permanent drummer!

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The band has revealed through an interview with Metal Wani that Tobias Gustafsson of Vomitory fame recorded drums for the new album, but he's not actually in the band.

"Actually, Tobias, he's an old friend of the band, and we instantly contacted him to make the album with us, because we knew he's a very positive guy and has great, creative ideas. We wanted to have somebody we knew very well when we wrote the album. Because it would have felt strange to start to write an album with somebody we never met before. He was only in the band for the making of the album. Now we're actually looking for a new drummer that's gonna be a permanent solution for the touring season. We have one guy we're trying at the moment that's gonna start the touring cycle, and then we will see if he has the potential to grow into the band on a personal level."

Interesting! Amon Amarth is definitely a big enough band to pull a big name for its drummer, and a good one at that, so it'll be interesting to see who sits behind the kit on the group's upcoming tour.

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