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UPON A BURNING BODY Frontman: "What Publicity Stunt?"

The only thing worse than no apology is a flat out denial.

The only thing worse than no apology is a flat out denial.

I was about to write a piece questioning how Upon A Burning Body haven't yet acknowledged their incredibly irresponsible publicity stunt last week where the band asked fans to be on the lookout for frontman Danny Leal because they filed a missing persons report.

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Virtually every metal website published the story, putting aside any sort of qualms about the band hoping the missing person would be found – except it was all a lie. It was a dumb publicity stunt that garnered the band the bad type of publicity, the type that would make somebody not want to buy a ticket to their show, or buy their new album.

The day after the dumb stunt, the band revealed a new album and a new single, but did not acknowledge the dumb stunt at all. Since then, the band have been posting about pre-orders for their new album, Mayhem Fest tour photos and other statuses but the band have not publicly acknowledged the stunt. They didn't even bother to take down the false missing persons claim.

To put it simply, the band owe everybody an apology. Beyond just misleading the media, they misled their fans over a serious issue just to get their name in the headlines. But will we be hearing an apology from the band sometime soon? Probably not. Instead, they are chosing to pretend the incident never happened.

During the kickoff weekend of Mayhem Fest, frontman Danny Leal and guitarist Ruben Alvarez were interviewed by Metalluminati and asked about the stunt and rather than being stand up guys and apologizing for it, they just decided to deny it responding "What publicity stunt?"

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Whoever is managing the band is doing a great job making sure these guys burn every bridge possible. We would link to their new single or their new album, but you know what, we don't feel like giving press to a bunch of liars who won't even admit to their wrongdoing. Once the band decides to apologize, we'll gladly start covering them again.

[via ThePRP]

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