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Unlike GODSMACK, DISTURBED Is Gonna Keep Putting Out New Music

They've got ideas for a new record.

Disturbed 2022

Godsmack has made it well known that they're done releasing new music and will continue on touring their back catalog. Which of course begs the question of if similarly-sized artists with enough hits under their belts will do the same. Disturbed will not be one of the artists.

In an interview with Beef Vegan, Disturbed vocalist David Draiman said he simply loves writing music too much to give it up. Draiman goes into nearly romantic detail about the songwriting process, later revealing that Disturbed is already plotting the follow-up to their 2022 album Divisive.

"I totally know where Sully is coming from. You know, you put a lot into every single song. You put your heart, your soul, you invest your mind, you lay your thoughts bare – it's tough. After a while it's like, you don't really need to go through all of the preparation and all of the work and all of the sacrifice that goes along with crafting these songs.

"For me personally, and especially considering the experience that we just had making the Divisive record, we had so much fun with it. The magic of that moment of creation where you've just… even the part that my guitar player Danny has described numerous times, that happens literally every single time we're together. We come up with stuff right in front of each other, improvisationally that automatically resonates. It's not that you come up with it automatically, you find it and [you're like] 'oh!'

"That moment of finding it, of knowing that you have something, knowing that you've got a chorus hook, you've got a riff that is undeniable – those incredible magical moments, personally I don't want to give those up just yet. I know that we've got at least another record's worth of original material waiting to go that is as good, if not demonstrably better than what we just put out. So I have no intention of stopping anytime soon, but I do understand where he's coming from."

It's also interesting because it seems a lot of major rock artists acknowledge that singles are the way to go, or that they know their fans just wanna hear the hits at this point, but can't seem to give up writing and recording albums. And I mean, if that's been the practice for a few decades for these bands, I'd imagine turning on a dime and stopping wouldn't be easy.

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