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UNLEASHED Is Working On A New Album, Expected To Arrive In Early 2025

Unleashed 2021

For those eagerly anticipating some quality Viking-themed death metal, there’s promising news on the horizon as Unleashed has set their wheels in motion toward a new studio album, which will serve as the follow-up to their 2021 release, No Sign of Life.

In a recent conversation with Finland's Rauta, Unleashed’s frontman Johnny Hedlund shared some updates about the group's current creative process and plans. 

He revealed (as transcribed by Blabbermouth), "We are now working on the new album. In my world, it's gonna get done [written] by, let's say, the end of the summer. I would think the album will be ready by the end of the summer. Then, of course, we're gonna have to plan the recording of the album, which I would guess, let's say, October, November, December, something like that. Then it's up to the record company to plan when to release the album, obviously, and then we're in 2025. So, if the album comes out, as I hope, in early 2025, then yeah, a lot more shows, festivals, etc. In 2026, I would assume we'll start working on the next damn album. But we'll see. It's a bit far, but I think that's pretty much what we're doing now."

Hedlund elaborated on their current focus, saying, "That's what's right here, right now, because we're doing it all the time. And we don't really make a lot of extensive tours these days; we play a lot of festivals. But I think that's in the loop for 2026 as well.”

“Because you do a lot when the album comes out and then also the year after again because that's how it is. You can't play everywhere anyway for just six months; you have to step into the next year as well. So I think that's how it looks right now. And well, that's a classic answer because that's what we do all the time. But it's real,” he added.

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