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> LIFERUINER have scheduled some time in November to record a new album with Antoine Lussier of ION DISSONANCE. A record label signing announcement is expected soon. Until then, you can hear some songs at the bands MySpace page.

> San Francisco brutal death metal band SEVERED SAVIOR have announced that they have parted company with Unique Leader records, and have entered into a two album contract with Willowtip Records. The first album to be released in the record deal with Willowtip with be “Servile Insurrection”. Until the release of the album, you can check out some songs at the bands MySpace page.

> RESURRECTION have posted the song “Coward” at their MySpace page, while the song “Unholy” has been posted at the James Murphy MySpace page. Both songs come from the upcoming “Ritual Slaughter” EP.

> Belgian black/death band EMPTINESS featuring Phorgath (ENTHRONED) has signed with Agonia Records to have their album, “Oblivion” released on October 8th. Until that time, you can hear some songs at the bands MySpace page.

> Austin Texas brutal death metal band SARCOLYTIC have posted the song “Exalted Gift Of The Abzu” at their MySpace page. The song will appear on a recently completed promo disc.

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