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Try Out To Be A Member Of Either XERATH or THE CONTORTIONIST!

Two openings in two separat bands; one for guitar and one for vocals. Are you (wo)man enough?

Apparently having open auditions for bands now is a thing? First we'll look at Xerath, who just lost their guitarist Owain Wilson pretty suddenly. From what I've heard, Wilson will continue with the band for the next album, but will not tour due to just not wanting to anymore. His commitment to the band outside the upcoming record is not disclosed. The band is looking for someone who…

  • Is over 21.
  • Is a resident of the UK.
  • Owns good quality gear.
  • Has a professional attitude towards band and touring.

If that's you, then get the hell on it! Xerath are a sick band and need you to continue! Check out their Facebook regarding the files you'll need to audition for the band! Now we're on to The Contortionist, who recently lost their vocalist since he's getting married and all, and currently have Michael Lessard of Last Chance to Reason filling in for them. The band hasn't said much in the way of how they'll be holding auditions to for the position just yet, but have said they'll keep everyone posted about the situation on Facebook as much as they can. Hell, go check that out right now; they said it might be up tomorrow… which is now either the present or the past by the time you're reading this!

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