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TOOL Unveils Fear Inoculum Track Listing

Well, both tracklisting really.

tool 2019
Photo by Travis Shinn

Not sure if you've heard that Tool is releasing a new album, but they totally are. Tool will release Fear Inoculum on August 30 and they're already breaking records with the album. Now the band has revealed both the physical edition and digital edition track listings. The physical edition runs 79 minutes long, mainly due to the closer "7empest" being nearly 20 minutes in length, and the digital edition runs closer to 89 minutes. Don't fret about the songs cut from the physical edition – they're all interludes.

Physical Edition

01. Fear Inoculum
02. Pneuma
03. Invincible
04. Descending
05. Culling Voices
06. Chocolate Chip Trip
07. 7empest

Digital Edition

01. Fear Inoculum
02. Pneuma
03. Litanie Contre La Peur
04. Invincible
05. Legion Inoculant
06. Descending
07. Culling Voices
08. Chocolate Chip Trip
09. 7empest
10. Mockingbeat

Alright, so we've got the lead single "Fear Inoculum", we've got the two live bootlegs we've heard "Descending" and "Invincible", and then I'm assuming "Chocolate Chip Trip" is that live interlude that they've been dubbing "CCTrip" this whole time. You should also read our track-by-track review of the album here.

In recent news, Tool guitarist Adam Jones recently sat down with Revolver to say that it's basically no one member's fault that the new album was delayed for as long as it was, and that everyone has lives outside the band.

Thank you for not saying, "Your album is 12 years in the making." [Laughs] But yeah, it has been a while. I never felt pressure, though. I felt anxiety because they would blame our singer, and it's not his fault. We all have our own things going on — lives, families, other projects, other interests — so it's ready when it's ready. But I appreciate the dedication from our fans — the very strong dedication. [Laughs] But the record turned out cool and it's very different than our last record. I think that's what we all wanted.

Jones also talks about the process of writing a new album and how that can be a bit laborious.

Well, we're older. It's harder to get us all in one room. Everyone's got their own thing going, so we kind of wait until everybody's ready to start the process. And that can be on and off between other stuff. But I don't know how different it is. It's different but the same, same but different. We really do try to rediscover why we're a band and why we started and that fire that's burning inside us. We're trying to rekindle or restart that. But it's pretty much the same. We jam stuff to death and edit and use stuff we jammed a long time ago with stuff that's new. At some point, Maynard comes in and starts laying lyrics down and we start recording.

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