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TOOL Drummer Says New Album Is Coming In The Next Few Months

Well, holy shit.


Last we heard about the long-fabled new Tool album was that vocalist Maynard James Keenan had recorded vocals months ago, and that it's essentially up to the rest of the band to wrap things up. If drummer Danny Carey is to be believed, they're certainly moving along that process. In the video below, Carey tells a fan that Tool is shooting to release their new album in mid-April, and adds that "that's the plan, anyway."

In related news, a friend of the band named Gabriel Shaffer took to Instagram to say that he's heard the album in full. Meaning that the band has to be either pretty damn close to being completely done, or they've moved on to mastering and figuring out the marketing of the whole thing.

I guess we really are getting a new Tool album in 2019. Though to be fair, Danny Carey also said that the new Tool album was "definitely" coming in 2018. So maybe he's not the holdup on the record either, and he's just reporting what he thinks is obvious.

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