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Tom G. Warrior (Ex-CELTIC FROST, TRIPTYKON) Launching New Dark Psychedelic Project

"Sometimes it's floating almost, like Pink Floyd. But it is very dark, very melodic, very mesmerizing and hypnotic."


Vocalist and guitarist Thomas Gabriel Fischer, better known as Tom G. Warrior in bands like Celtic Frost, Triptykon, and Hellhammer, has a new band. We don't know what that band is called yet, but we do know that it's "some of the best material [Fischer has] ever written."

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Fischer tells Metal Wani that the new project is an offshoot of the material he wrote for a project called Niryth. The material has since been reworked and will be out later this year via Nuclear Blast.

"I used to be in a project called Niryth, but me and the drummer, for the same reason that we had to dismiss one person from Triumph of Death — and those are very, very important reasons, crucial reasons, that there was no way around it — and for the same reasons me and the drummer, Pidi Leuenberger, left Niryth. But, of course, we have worked for one and a half years on that material. We have recorded it, and we recorded with my own label — we financed that — so I own that material, and it's very strong material, I believe; it's some of the best material I've ever written. Actually, today we had a major conference call with Nuclear Blast, and we're gonna change the material slightly and add three new songs and then release it as an album later this year. I feel very strong about this."

Fischer later elaborated on the sound of the new band, which he said is dark and psychedelic, but not metal. He also draws a Pink Floyd comparison.

"It's very dark music, but it's not heavy metal. It's not doom metal or something like that. It's difficult to describe. It is heavy at times, it's very groovy, it's very psychedelic. Sometimes it's floating almost, like Pink Floyd. But it is very dark, very melodic, very mesmerizing and hypnotic."

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