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Tim Lambesis Talks About PYRITHION Lyrical Concepts And Fan Accusations

Tim Lambesis (As I Lay Dying, Austrian Death Machine) now fronts up a solid death metal act called Pyrithion. He has also had some accusations that his new music is satanic.

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First off, Tim does not look like a dude I would want to accuse of anything ever. Tim said you're an alien who hates pizza, so guess what? That's what you are. In all seriousness, Tim's been facing some accusations as of late that Pyrithion's lyrical concepts are satanic, to which Tim essentially has to say "they're just lyrics, who cares." The art of lyrics is just to tell a story; it doesn't mean you believe in what you're singing. Tim isn't any more of a satanist than Cannibal Corpse are mass murderers. It's just what he wants to sing about. Tim doesn't even admit that they're "satanic," which by the way, anyone accusing anyone else of satanic leanings really ought to learn the religion before misconceiving it. Digression aside, he just says they're darker and about a character he created, which means he's doing his job as a lyricist. Keep on vocally killing it, Tim!

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