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This New PANTERA Song Sure Isn't PANTERA

Thanks, Youtube!

Wrong Pantera

Update: The track has been removed, but you can still stream it here if it's your thing.

Original Story: You may have woken up this morning to a notification on your YouTube profile that Pantera had uploaded a new video. So you scrolled through your subscriptions or went to the band's profile and found… this song below. Which is not only not Pantera, but not even a group named Pantera that accidentally got lumped in with the band.

The song isn't showing up as a mislabel on any streaming services (unlike when a band name Grave, for instance, ends up on the Swedish death metal band Grave's profile), so someone clearly just goofed somewhere on the back end. The song has been up for almost nine hours at this point too, which is… certainly something.

That, or Pantera has undergone a drastic lineup change and stylistic change. I know people were saying that if Pantera were to do new music they should change their name, but this is a little extreme.

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