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THIN Mathgrind Down Your Senses

thin 4 way split

Happy Mathgrinding Monday, everyone. There that made the start over of the workweek less painful already. Because we are here with a portion of a release that is going to light a fire under your ass. Welcome to the fray, Thin.

Hailing out New York, NY, Thin is a mathgrind three-piece that likes to dabble in some janky time signatures and a whole lotta insanity. The band’s been kicking out releases since 2019 and are here with their portion of a four-way split with Wallowing, Vixen Maw, and Slabdragger. For Thin if you need context, think bands like Pupil Slicer, a grindier Dillinger Escape Plan, MouthBreather, or even something a little more old school like Destroyer, Destroyer.

Thin’s portion of the split gets going and goes by real quick. And there is a lot to take in. Over eight tracks only two of them hit the minute mark. Starting out with “Deep Rest” (something I hope you got last night), the band’s penchant for chaos is immediately on the table. The guitar work sounds like a nervous breakdown, the drums are a total frenzy, it is vocally disorienting, and the bass keeps things punchy. Ok, we are only one song in, good morning!

“Hypnopompia” follows this and gets things into an even more frazzled state. The thing comes in like a sucker punch and keeps the assault going the whole time. The following “Hard To Look At” gives us a little bit of a funky bass to lead us into the song but like all things falls into chaos. This is mathgrind at some of its most unruly.

“Never Wake” calms down a little bit. Or at least it seems like it wants to until the guitar starts to sound like a siren, and you know deep down that there is no real chance for recovery. Especially not when there is a song called “Brutalist” in the near future. It is also the track that closes out this collection of pent up aggression. But one could say they spare you a little by the time it ends.

Thin’s chunk of this split is an uneven mathgrind escapade. And I mean uneven in a good way, the riffs/drums are all over the place. They just know how to go nuts and make the most of it. It is aggressive as hell, like a belt sander having an electrical surge on your face.  These eight tracks alone are well worth a preorder on this four-way split. Happy mathgrinding!

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