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THE SWORD's Kyle Shutt Crowdfunding His Biography Written in Stoned

"I realized that I had acquired enough stories and wisdom to write a book."

the sword kyle shutt

Guitarist Kyle Shutt (The Sword, Doom Side of the Moon) is working on his biography Written in Stoned, and he needs your help! Shutt is seeking to raise $9,000 from his Kickstarter for the book, which you can contribute to here.

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"After touring the world and navigating the music industry for over 20 years with The Sword, among many other bands, I realized that I had acquired enough stories and wisdom to write a book. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!" said Shutt. "This fall I'll be partnering back up with Kickstarter to bring my two cents to life by crowdfunding a tome for your dome that I'm calling Written in Stoned. From growing up in West Texas with dreams of rock n' roll domination, to shredding arena stages with some of the biggest bands on the planet, I'm spilling my guts for your entertainment and inspiration. My life has been a wild ride and I can't wait to tell you all about it. Buckle up, load a big ol' bowl, and get ready for my grimoire of a memoir! I'll be including interviews from faces from my past, illustrations and photos, rules and lists, and so much more."

"When I play guitar, I don't just play it. I wield it like a beast. When I start a Pink Floyd tribute band, I don't just sing the songs. I throw a goddamn laser light heavy metal spectacular. So you know that when I write a book, it's not going to be the Reader's Digest. I'm going whole hog to bring you a book that will put you right on the literal world's biggest stage with me and leave you buzzed with contact high! I know times are tough, and may get tougher, but if you have faith in me I promise to put some serious weight on your bookshelf by airing out all my dirty tour laundry!"

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