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THE DEVIL'S BLOOD Post New Song Off Posthumous Third Record

Hey look, The Devil's Blood is back with III: Tabula Rasa, or Death And The Seven Pillars! Not really, but kind of!

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Alright, here's the long and short of it; The Devil's Blood is no longer together, but they recorded a record before that happened. That record was, and still is, in its demo form. Metal Blade will be releasing said record in its demo form and nothing more- the band is still over but we're getting a last hurrah. Cool? Cool. Apparently there's some other stuff the band has/had in the works as of earlier this year-

An acoustic EP (66:2) with one new piece of music and two covers. Studio recordings unfinished. Originally intended for a release at Roadburn 2013. Artwork TBA. A live DVD. Not yet edited or mixed. Originally intended for a release somewhere 2013/2014. Several live recordings. Not yet edited or mixed. Originally intended for use as live records, B-sides, and compilation material.

For a band that's broken up, they certainly have a lot of things going on. Maybe they're secretly recording and releasing it under the guise of a band that's broken up, tricking fans into buying things with the premise that it's the last of their material ever! Or maybe it's posthumous, which is what I would assume.

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