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THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER announce new gutiarist

The search is over for THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER. About a month ago, the band revealed that guitarist John Kempainen had abruptly left the band and the band was forced to start their tour with MISERY INDEX and SOILENT GREEN as a four piece.

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During a recent interview with HARDTIMES.CA, frontman Trevor Strnad revealed that the band have found a replacement in former ARSIS guitarist Ryan Knight. Says Strnad:

He shreds, man. We've been sending him new songs from the [upcoming] album — we've got four songs so far — and he sent them back and just shredded them into pieces. So I have a boner right now. [Laughs] I'm so excited to fucking play with this kid. We've toured with them before, we've toured with ARSIS, and we know he's cool. It's hard, because we love ARSIS, but he was already leaving them. He was actually… Some people were gonna hook him up with DEICIDE, but we swept him just in time.

Well, I'm certainly glad they are back to being a five piece and I feel if anybody can handle the intense shreddage of the Black Dahlia Murder, its a former guitarist of Arsis!

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