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THE ABOMINABLE IRON SLOTH Frontman Does Shrooms, Freaks, Calls Cops, Gets Arrested

Magic mushrooms are a hell of a drug. They can open your mind to amazing visuals and incredible self-realizations. They can also freak you the fuck out. The latter was the case when the frontman of The Abominable Iron Sloth decided to take some, and I'm assuming didn't have anybody around to babysit him. The results are both hilarious and sad:

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On October 27th, the police department of Oroville, CA received a call from Sloth frontman Justin Godfrey. Godfrey alerted the police that he was the "Angel of Death" and was on the porch of his home with an assault weapon. He also let them know he was high on shrooms. When the cops arrived, they convinced him to peacefully put down his weapon and he was taken into custody. He kept talking about "the end of the world and what things are going to transpire." So far, it sounds like a zany plot to the new Harold and Kumar movie, right? This is where things stop being funny.

Turns out that weapon Godfrey was holding was not registered. Thus, he was charged with (amongst other things) unlawful assault weapon activity and possession of an assault weapon. His bail is set at $30,000 and has yet to be paid. Damn!

This is why you should never do shrooms or any sort of hallucinogen alone. If you're a newb, you should always have your stoner friend there to babysit you, or at least do it with one other person, who could reassure you that everything will be alright in 20 minutes. We hope Godfrey can make it out jail safely, and I'm sure the dude learned a lesson from this.

[ Lambgoat via ChicoER ]

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