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TESSERACT Frontman Says He Was Better Off Financially Being A Cop

Officer Tompkins, pulling you over for not being prog enough.

Officer Tompkins, pulling you over for not being prog enough.

Did you know that current Tesseract frontman Daniel Tompkins used to be a cop? Me either! He recently spoke to Metal Hammer where he said that was essentially way better off financially being a copy, and even reveals just how much he's got left in the band despite being in a relatively big band that tours the world.

"I'm not lying when I say I've got £100 in my bank account right now. In the six years I've been doing this, I'm not anywhere near the wage that I used to be on when I was a copper."

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He also says the band's song "Survival" (below) is about struggling financially. It's interesting that Tompkins comes out and says this because I think some people are under the impression that just because a band is out touring and making music, all its members are at least getting by.

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