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SYMPHONY X Has No Plans To Do A New Album Or Shows Anytime Soon

Is it time for a Symphony X hiatus?

Is it time for a Symphony X hiatus?

Since 2000, Symphony X has released five albums, each four or five years apart. So the band's output hasn't exactly been insane and now there's some even worse news – there's no plans at all to do a followup to 2014's Underworld album.

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According to vocalist Russel Allen in an interview with Metal Wani, he's busy with Adrenaline Mob, guitarist and main songwriter Michael Romeo is busy with his solo album, and bassist Mike LePond has seems to be very busy with Them lately. So don't exact any activity from Symphony X anytime soon.

"No plans at this time, no. I don't see anything in the foreseeable future with that, because we… I know Romeo is talking about doing a solo record he's been working on and some other stuff, and the other guys are doing the same. There's been no talk of a new album, there's been no talk of any touring, and so…

"To be honest with you, I'm a hundred percent committed to [Adrenaline Mob] and that's what I'm about right now," he admitted. "So if you wanna come see me sing in the next few years or forever, however long this thing goes on for, then you're gonna see me in the Mob. There's no future plans for Symphony X at this time."

While sucks, a solo Michael Romeo album should be pretty interesting. Plus, if you haven't checked out Them yet, you really ought to – dudes are proper King Diamond worship.

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