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SYLOSIS Guitarist Josh Middleton Officially Joins ARCHITECTS

Architects recruited Sylosis guitarist Josh Middleton in 2012 for touring duties, and again in 2016 until recently after the passing of guitarist Tom Searle. The band began working on its first album without Tom this year, and said Middleton was a part of the writing process, as well as showcased his talents on the new song "Doomsday."

So it's not terribly surprising that Middleton has announced that he's officially in Architects! Middletown says his joining Architects doesn't mean that Sylosis is over, though it's also worth noting Sylosis has been on hiatus since 2016 anyway.

I have officially joined Architects as there new guitarist. I'm incredibly grateful to be a part of the band and would like to thank the band, management, crew and fans alike for being so accepting of me.

I want to thank Sylosis fans for their patience this past year whilst all kinds of things have changed in my life. This doesn't mean the end of Sylosis or that I have left. I love making all kinds of music.

I'm so proud of our new single 'Doomsday' which in on Youtube. It's great to have finally kind of collaborated with Tom on something which I always wanted to do in some form as I loved his music.

Thank you for all of the support!!

Congratulations to Middleton and Architects! If the new stuff is even half as good as "Doomsday," we'll be more than happy. oh, and as for that Sylosis hiatus… they're coming back in 2018 with a new album.