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SUNN O))) Will Send You A Cease and Desist If You Sell Anything with "O)))" On It!

Sunn O))) is a group and a logo that most of us are familiar with by now, even if you don't know a lick of music the group has ever played. Why? Well, because Sunn Musical Equipment Company used to be an a brand that went out of business in 2002. Observe the company's logo on one of its amplifier heads. Looks familiar, right?

sunn-head-620x325Right. So yesterday, MetalSucks pointed out that one of its readers (Tyler B. who owns The Doom Shine) is being handed a "Cease and Desist" letter from the company RedBubble, which is essentially a website that artists can sell prints and t-shirts on among other things, to stop printing his designs because they received word from Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley that he's infringing on the group's copyright. Here's Tyler's logos:


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Now, MetalSucks makes the point that maybe Sunn O))) owns the logo rights now that the musical company is defunct, which could be very true. On the flip side, I understand where O'Malley is coming from. Sunn O))) isn't exactly a band that;'s selling out stadiums and making millions on sales alone year to year. It's a drone collective that's been around for a while and has garnered a small, dedicated fan base including myself. So to have your logo essentially reprinted with a different word isn't great. Isn't that what copyrights are for? To keep something that's yours, yours? I understand that Sunn O))) is paying homage to the amplifiers and to the band Earth with its name, but a copyright is a copyright.

Check out the letter from RedBubble below.


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