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SUNN O))), PRIMITIVE MAN, THOU, XIBALBA & More Contribute to Black Lives Matter Compilation

Racetraitor, Amygdala, Rwake, Misery Signals, etc.


Bands like Sunn O))), Xibalba, Misery Signals, and Modern Life is War have all teamed up for the Shut it Down: Benefit for the Movement for Black Lives compilation. The compilation features exclusive songs from Thou, Primitive Man, Racetraitor, Amygdala, and the first new music from Relapse Record’s Rwake in nine years.

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"Like so many others I felt a rage at seeing the video of George Floyd’s death but when Minneapolis rose up, I knew we entered one of those historical movements that require all of us to do whatever we could to fight racist policing and defend black lives," said vocalist Mani Mostofi of Racetraitor and organizer of Shut it Down. "This compilation is just one small contribution to that struggle."

"Nearly everyone my friends that I contacted wanted to participate in the comp, so we ended up with so many more amazing bands taking part than we anticipated. We also had engineers donating mixing and master, illustrators donating artwork, and publicists donating PR. It was a community effort all around."

Grab the compilation here. The track list is as follows:

1. Minority Threat – Punk Politics
2. Chepang – Gaida Taskar Chutkeli
3. Amygdala – Where Have All the Windows Gone
4. Thou – Kerosene
5. The 1865 – Filler
6. Modern Life is War – End Times Dub (Urian Hackney at the Controls)
7. Disembodied – Seven Stitches (Live)
8. Terminal Nation – Cop Drop 2020
9. Cloud Rat – Screen Door
10. Xibalba – La Injustica
11. Sunn O))) – Dream Canyon
12. Burn – Mountain
13. Primitive Man – Tired
14. Racetraitor – Zoropsidae
15. Dawn Ray'd – Black Cloth (Live)
16. Kaonashi – Look Like Me (Alternative Press Diss)
17. Vile Creature – Apathy Took Helm!
18. Hive – Most Vicious Animal
19. Jesus Piece – Oppressor (Live)
20. Cold Shoulder – Primitive
21. Misery Signals – River King
22. Rwake – Infinince
23. Changeling – Destroy Habituated Suffering
24. La Armada – Plagued
25. Rough Francis – Panthers in the Night
26. War On Women – Anarcha
27. End – Usurper (Live at Saint Vitus)
28. Solarized – Magazines
29. Cult Leader – Kurdistan
30. Sect – Curfew (Remix)
31. Ache – Shell Shock (Live)
32. Rebelmatic – Survival Gathering
33. Extinction AD – 1992
34. White Phosphorus – 226
35. With War – Scorched Earth (Live)
36. MAAFA – Welfare
37. Dog Years – Fingers to Lips
38. Exit Strategy – Swallow Teeth
39. Redbait – To Destroy / Knife Fight (Live)
40. Absolution – Not This Time ( Urian Hackney Mix)
41. All Torn Up! (featuring Stza Crack) – Legalized Genocide
42. Cue Ball – Record Scratch
43. Thorns of Reality – Anthistemi
44. Many Blessings – Enemies I Will Never Forgive
45. Neckbeard Deathcamp – MAGAphobe
46. Bovice – Fatal Fury

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