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SUFFOKATE Announces Their Forty-Seventh Vocalist, Premieres New Track "The Impostor"

More like three, but at this rate they'll get there before you know it!

More like three, but at this rate they'll get there before you know it!

Suffokate make the news mostly because of their really strange vocalist drama, or choices in vocalists in general. First they had Ricky Hoover who pretty much put dinner plates in his ears, but he quit the band because some cities are windy and he kept flying away. Aerodynamics are a real bitch, you know? Or I assume that's what happened because he got them fixed. Then they got Matthew Krawchuck as their vocalist. Nobody actually knows what happened to the dude- the band basically kicked him out over social media and all they said was "fuck you," Krawchuck says he got deported from Canada and I say Krawchuck was just Hoover after plastic surgery and then the band found out and they were pissed so they made up some story and booted the dude. Who knows.

Now the band had John Oliva as their vocalist, who does not appear to have been in any notable band prior, and ex-Brain Drill bassist Ivan Munguia. They also put out a new song called "The Impostor," which is definitely a song they recorded and put on YouTube. I really don't have an opinion on the jam because I can't get through the first minute without wondering what's on my iTunes.

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