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STEVE VAI's Missing Material Between 1984 And 1990 Is Pretty Un-Vai

"Never Forever" is a slow, jazzy affair.

"Never Forever" is a slow, jazzy affair.

In 1984, Steve Vai put out his debut album titled Flex-Able. The album is a little less Vai guitar fluidity and a little more Frank Zappa. Vai disappeared for six years after its release and came back with Passion and Warfare in 1990, an album regarded by musicians around the world as a classic. Now in 2016, Sony is re-issuing Passion and Warfare for its 25th anniversary (even though it's 26 years), but more importantly is that the album comes with a second disc titled Modern Primitive.

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Modern Primitive features all the music either written or recorded during that six year gap, according to Vai in an interview with in 2015.

What I’m working right now as we speak, is the 25th anniversary release of “Passion And Warfare” and in this release I’m putting an extra CD with material that’s never been released. But it’s music the I’ve either recorded or written in between Flex-Able and Passion And Warfare because, if you’re familiar with “Flex-Able”, it’s a very strange record: I’ve recorded it when I was 20 years old; and if you listen to “Passion And Warfare” it seems a completely different guy. So what happened in between? Where’s the missing link?

This record, that I’m calling “Modern Primitive” will be in this “Passion And Warfare” release. It’s really amazing, ‘cause I’ve so much material. 7-8 songs are already tracked and they just need a couple of finishing touches, then I’m gonna have the old band get together that I had back then just to lay down some other tracks we used to perform in that period. So it’s new music and frankly it’s turning out to be one of my favorite records.

So check out the song from the disc titled "Never Forever," courtesy of Loudwire, and then pre-order the two-disc affair right here for $15.

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