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STEEL PANTHER & COREY TAYLOR Collaborated on an Unreleased STEEL PANTHER Song

Called "Steel Panther Fucked My Girlfriend".

corey taylor

Steel Panther and vocalist Corey Taylor once collaborated on a song called "Steel Panther Fucked My Girlfriend", though none of us have ever heard it. Steel Panther drummer Stix Zadinia hopes to change that.

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In an interview The Crash Report, Zadinia said the song was covered by Wheeler Walker Jr. but the original has never seen the light of day. So it's a little confusing.

"Somehow [Wheeler Walker Jr.] got a copy of it," said Zadinia. "We never released it. And there's a version out in one of our hard drives with Corey Taylor singing it."

When asked if Steel Panther will ever release the song, Zadinia said they should and compared the song to the Eagles. Specifically the original Eagles with Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner.

"You know what? I need to talk to Satchel about that. Corey Taylor sings 'Steel Panther Fucked My Girlfriend'. It's amazing. It sounds like the fucking Eagles — the original version."

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"Wheeler Walker did a version of it. The end product, the end result of it, I heard and I was, like, it's cool and it was nice of him to wanna do, but when you hear our version of it, especially with Corey on it, you'll be, like, 'This sounds like the fucking Eagles.'"

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