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Start Thrashing With A New Track From Melodeath Masters ESHTADUR

South American At The Gates worship? Count us in!

South American At The Gates worship? Count us in!

Eshtadur have been one of my favorite melodic death metal bands for a while now. They've always had a unique sound, powerful vision and a driving death metal energy that has kept their sound exciting for years now. Their new single, "Cornered At The Earth," is a perfect representation of what these Colombian death metallers have been concocting for years now. With stints touring with bands like Cradle Of FilthVader, and Abaddon, these guys clearly aren't fucking around. Their upcoming record, Mother Gray, due out in May, is an absolute motherfucker of a release. In a world where metal seems to be increasingly intellectual and dorky, it's somehow reassuring to have a song like this one that makes no aspersions about its At The Gates and Soilwork worship, blasting out of the gate and forcing us to choke on the bitter medicine that Eshtadur provide.

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Here's what the band had to say:

“Cornered at the Earth” is the very first song composed in this “Mother Gray” new album, desperate, fast and rough are the primary settings that I used. At first, the music born from the guitars with an introduction and a melodic slow chorus, I always prefer to play simple notes, but accurate ones, what makes me enjoy more the music, my favorite parts are the orchestral section, my density is in there, my anger and my beliefs. The incredible design by Carlos Jacome was a wonderful idea from my partner Jessica, we were discussing about the meaning of the theme, what really means to be cornered in any circumstance, to be condemned, to remain in this world with no option, is the introduction to the whole álbum idea, how nature is devastated by the hands of man, and how death, the greatest mother gray, our own world makes an effort to survive and we are a completely hell, a place impossible to inhabit that we created, cornered and blinded in our ignorance. This first single is the first feeling that you have when you are in pain, when you are in trouble, desperation, agony, that is our earth griping.

Jam it:


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Stream it now:

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