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Someone Tried to Copyright JUDAS PRIEST Guitarist Richie Faulkner's Riffs

Yes, as in they tried to steal it.


Earlier this year, Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner posted a bunch of original riffs for other musicians to build songs around. Unfortunately someone (or someones) ruined the fun for everyone when they tried to copyright one of Faulkner's riffs for themselves. Which is not only an insanely bold move, but also disrespectful and pretty disgusting.

Faulkner said he's thinking about launching his own paid service where he and dedicated fans can continue doing fun musical experiments. Faulkner added he'd also like to have a tier on his paid service that contributed to Judas Priest guitarist Glenn Tipton's Parkinson's foundation. Might I suggest Patreon?

"I love creating content and interacting with you all, but I'm over the negativity and trolling on Instagram and Facebook etc and looking into other platforms," said Faulkner in a series of tweets. "There would be a fee depending on tier level but it would create more of a community for maniacs who want to be there

"It's not about getting me down, it's about ruining the experience for the rest of you maniacs that actually like to hang out, dig Priest and learn stuff. Also looking into tiers where the proceeds can contribute to Glenn's Parkinson's foundation.

"I've dealt with trolls in bars all my life, as I said it's not that they are getting to me, it's that they take away the experience from you maniacs. Someone actually tried to copyright a riff i did as part of the riff challenge. It's things like that that ruin it for everyone"

It's a shame this happened, but good on Faulkner for making the best of it.

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