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SOILWORK To Release A Live DVD/CD This March!

Posted by on January 20, 2015 at 4:12 pm

When Soilwork isn't writing a new album, the group is playing killer live shows and recording them for a live DVD/CD! Live In the Heart of Helsinki will be coming out this March, specifically Mar. 13, and will feature a pretty expansive setlist spanning the group's entire discography. The songs you'll be getting are:

“This Momentary Bliss”
“Like The Average Stalker”
“Weapon Of Vanity”
“Spectrum Of Eternity”
“Follow The Hollow”
“Parasite Blues”
“Distortion Sleep”
“Bastard Chain”
“Let This River Flow” feat. Floor Jansen of Nightwish
“Long Live The Misanthrope”

CD 2
“The Chainheart Machine”
“The Living Infinite I”
“Rise Above The Sentiment”
“Late For The Kill, Early For The Slaughter”
“Rejection Role”
“Black Star Deceiver” feat. Nathan J. Biggs of Sonic Syndicate
“As The Sleeper Awakes”
“Sadistic Lullabye”
“As We Speak”
“Stabbing The Drama”

Oh, did I mention the bonus stuff?

Spectrum Of Eternity: A Brief History Of Soilwork
Behind The Scenes Of The Living Infinite

Drumcam Videos:
“Long Live The Misanthrope”
“Rise Above The Sentiment”
“Spectrum Of Eternity”

The release could have just been a stopgap between albums, but it seems like the group and the label really went all out for this! Awesome!

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