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SOILWORK Frontman Says The New Album Is Faster, Brutal And More Intense Than The Living Infinite

Old school melodeath? Yes please!

Old school melodeath? Yes please!

When Soilwork said a double album was coming 2012, people were skeptical. As it turned out The Living Infinite was not only one of the group's best records to date, but had some ridiculously quick and melodic songs on it. So where do you go from quick and melodic? Apparently you go even quicker and downright brutal, according to Soilwork frontman Björn Strid.

"I feel it's pretty fast-paced. It's pretty intense — even more intense, I feel, than The Living Infinite. It might be a little bit more brutal, in a sense, even though that's kind of a stupid word to use. We're definitely not slowing down. And I guess it is also a development from The Living Infinite — just slightly faster, in a sense."

"When we made a double album, there's loads of room for more dynamics, having a more mellow song… It was easier to do it that way. And I don't know… We've just been developing our sound, and it turned out to be pretty fast paced and pretty technical, but yet pretty melodic and also atmospheric. But it's definitely very intense."

It'll be interesting too because Strid then goes on to say the new album isn't exactly nostalgic for the old sound, but it isn't not nostalgic either… so who knows what the record will bring? It sounds like it's going to be melodic death metal of the speediest, highest quality, which is never not exciting! You can check out two-ish minutes of new material here and get stoked for the group's upcoming live album right here!

[via Metal Wani]

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