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SLAYER vs. MANSON: War of the Super Egos

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As many of you know, MARILYN MANSON and legendary thrash titans SLAYER plan on kicking off a co-headlining tour July 25th. Kerry King of SLAYER claims that a new tour has "been in the works for a good part of this year, and the way it started out was, we were looking to do another Unholy Alliance this summer." When the bands that played in last year's Unholy Alliance tour declined, or were already booked with other shows, the possibility of a tour with MARILYN MANSON arose.  "We found out we'd probably be touring with Manson, he didn't want to call it [the Unholy Alliance]. So, we were like, 'Fine, man. Let's just go out and do a big tour.' He basically said [playing festival runs] wasn't who he is anymore, and we were like, 'All right.' It didn't make much sense to me, but that's who he is now, I guess."

King went on to say later in the interview that "It is completely co-headlining, except that he wanted to close every day, and we're like, 'Hey, knock yourself out.' We've been in so many situations like that, and sometimes, it's better not to be the last band on. So, we're just kind of happy about it. I don't have the ego that makes me — and I'm not saying Manson does — but I don't have the ego that makes me have to close every show. I won't be playing any longer, and we'll be done with our show and be able to chill for a change."

Many fans have already begun to issue complaints on the SLAYER's website and other metal news sources. The thought of a pop-metal act like MARILYN MANSON playing with SLAYER has enraged many fans, but King still seems to think that the tour will survive. "It's definitely going to be weird," King said. "My whole thing is, it depends on what Manson plays, whether our kids stay or not. If he comes out and plays 'Tainted Love,' half the place is going to leave. No offense to Manson — I'm just saying what's up. I want him to come out and kick ass, because I'm an old-school fan. He can succeed on this tour, if he chooses the right set."

Will this tour succeed? Will MARILYN MANSON be booed off stage at every venue he attempts to play at? Will SLAYER continue to kick ass and take names like there's no tommorrow? We shall see!

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