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SIX FEET UNDER Is Nearly Done With Their New Record

Posted by on October 14, 2014 at 5:31 pm

Six Feet Under seems to be on a fairly manic pace in terms of pumping out new records. In 2012 we saw Undead, in 2013 we saw Unborn and now presumably early 2015 we'll see the group's newest offering. Vocalist and founding member of the group Chris Barnes took to Twitter on Monday, October 13, to announce he'd be in the studio this week to record vocals for the new record. Including cover albums, this will be the band's eleventh full length release since their inception in 1993. Hooray longevity!

The record will be the first Six Feet Under release to have Marco Pitruzzella (ex-Brain Drill, Anomalous) on drums, who took the place of former drummer Kevin Talley (Feared, Daath) in 2013.

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