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SHADOWS FALL Guitarist Joins Up With Former MEGADETH And SCAR THE MATRYR Members

2015's supergroups are looking so, so good so far.

2015's supergroups are looking so, so good so far.

A month ago we posted about ex-Megadeth guitarist Chris Broderick and drummer Shawn Drover teaming up with ex-Scar the Martyr vocalist Henry Derek for a new supergroup of sorts. Naturally the news turned a lot heads given the lineup, but we still had some questions. Now we've got a chunk of information from Drover explaining the whole situation and, more importantly, introducing Shadows Fall guitarist Matt Bachand on bass for the group!

“I [Drover] am leaving on Saturday for Hartford, CT, to begin drum tracks on the new record I am doing with Chris Broderick, Henry Derek and our new bass player, Matt Bachand. I have known Matt for 15 years now and he is a great musician, songwriter, singer and all around GREAT person. To say I’m jacked up about having Matt with us is an understatement!

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All the songs have shaped up nicely and there is a lot of metal dynamics on these songs, overall. Some of them are flat out thrash-speed metal, others are up tempo, but I can assure you it is all 100% HEAVY METAL. Those who know me know I have always been an advocate for the more aggressive metal stuff, so if you’re expecting anything to the contrary on this record, you would be dead wrong."

Given Drover, Broderick and Derek's definite situations as musicians without a full-time band right now, it might be safe to assume that the outfit is going to tour eventually. The only member in question is Bachand, though Shadows Fall is on "indefinite hiatus" right now.

Drover also touches on teasing us about who the producer is:

Anyways, Matt Bachand will be in the studio with me, as he lives not too far from the studio, as does the Producer/Engineer who will be recording drum tracks with me. As I write this I cannot reveal WHO he is yet, nor the record company we are signing with, etc. That’s for the press release, which you will all see very soon. Believe me, this dude is a full on METAL PRODUCER/ENGINEER (I would never have anybody but that to do this kind of music).

That’s about all for the moment, ALOT more information is coming your way real soon.”

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Here's hoping "a lot more information" includes the band's name and a music teaser!

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