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SHADOWS FALL Drummer Diagnosed With Acute Pancreatitis

Yikes! The worst thing I can image happening while touring is that somebody in the band gets sick. Not only does that leave the rest of the band in danger, but the one thing you want: your own bed is so far away. Such was the case for Shadows Fall drummer Jason Bittner, who was out on the Party To Apocalypse tour when he started feeling sick. Thankfully, there was a break in the tour where he was allowed to go visit his home doctor. Things got pretty serious from there. Here is an update Bittner issued:

“Due to my recent health issues, I am under doctors orders to cancel my trip to Austin TX this week to perform at PASIC 2012. For over a week, what I thought was a stomach bug (and i was still on tour when all of this started), I came home last week and went to the doctors, and it was written off as just that, a bug.

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This past Saturday the pain came back and lingered into Sunday which forced me into the emergency room yesterday. After a day in the hospital I was poked, prodded, tested and it turns out I have acute Pancreatitis, which I’m told can be very serious if left untreated.

They’re not sure what brought it on (my Dr thinks it was viral), but I have been told by my doctors to not leave this week because I need to sent for more tests/mri, etc to make 100% sure I’ll be road ready for the second leg of the SF tour which starts Nov. 8th – I should be fine, but needless to say I’m very disappointed I will not be able to come perform in Austin this week! Maybe Pasic 2013??”

Kudos to Jason for playing through the pain. The guy's a trouper. Shadows Fall's tour with God Forbid resumes November 8th. Full details on the tour here.

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